The Isotope Unit

The isotope unit in Oxford is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. It will run in Oxford for about three more years and the aim is then to move it to ISIS. Its aim is to provide a base of deuterated materials free of charge for the UK neutron scattering community to do neutron experiments on any facility worldwide.

At present, the compounds routinely available are all the deuterated even and some odd numbered acids, alkanols and bromoalkanes from butanoic to octadecanoic, and a selection of derivatives made from these. At present this includes sodium dodecyl sulphate, several chain deuterated trimethylammonium bromides, and several chain deuterated nonionic surfactants (CmEn). We have made a particular effort to boost our library of the latter compounds, which are much in demand. We have a selection of other compounds and we are prepared to synthesize more difficult or new compounds (as examples, we have provided some dialkyl dimethyl ammonium bromides and some alkyl sulphobetaines). We have a number of priorities for new compounds and these include oleic acid and nonionic surfactants with the E part deuterated. However, we are not planning to synthesize either phospholipids or any polymers in the near future. If we need less common costly materials for these syntheses we would expect the user to pay for them. We can also make bulk purchases of compounds and then sell on materials at the cost price. We may also be willing to help recover compounds that have been used on a larger scale. There is a procedure for applying for deuterated compounds in the ISIS proposal form but users can also contact RKT or JP directly for ILL proposals or proposals at other facilities.

The facility is open to For non-neutron or non-UK users but they must pay the costs. Some guide to the costs is given below (the prices are in £ for the minimum quantity of 1 g and do not include VAT).

Alkyl group (R) R-OHR-BrR-N(CH3)3Br-N(CD3)3BrRSO4NaRSO3Na(R)2-N(CH3)2BrRSiCl3
C8D17 210210230295-185--
C9D19 225230260315-220--
C10D21 250260290340320255--
C11D23 265290310360350290510-
C12D25 290340350395390345540545
C13D27 300365375420415-635-
C14D29 300345385425430-645-
C16D33 300375400430--655655
C18D37 315450490510--790810
C22D45 400=625690710--10801175
2-(C2D5)C6D12 400400------

The prices of the nonionic surfactants CnD2n+1C2H4)mOH, abbreviated to dCnhEm, have been calculated on the same basis and are given per g in the Table below. We are prepared to sell in quantities of 0.5 g in which case the price is £250 or half the price in the Table, whichever is the larger.

Alkyl group (R) ROHRhE3RhE4RhE5RhE6
C8D17 205260230250230
C9D19 225310240265255
C10D21 250365265315290
C11D23 255400315350315
C12D25 290445350380350
C13D27 300465390405375
C14D29 300505425425385
C16D33 300--440405
C18D37 305---460

We have made, and are in a position to make, many other perdeuterated and partially deuterated surfactants (for example, several of the gemini cationic series). We have also made samples of protonated surfactants that are not commercially available. We are occasionally able to make these available on a similar basis to the compounds in the Tables.